A sneak peek

From the writing cave: a glimpse of Kat finding her own strength and creating the life she wants to live…and a little self-discovery along the way. #amwriting #whiskeyandwildfire

I’m determined to soak in every precious moment with my family, despite how crazy they make me. They overlook my flaws. They’re my family and I really do love them. It’s not their fault I let them think I actually wanted to live the life they thought was best for me. Rather than telling them I wanted something different, I took the easy way out. I bit my tongue and went along with the people-pleasing path of least resistance, resenting them for something they were never even aware was happening. Dammit! I came back here to make a stand, determined to fight for my rights, and I’m realizing this was a trap I built for myself all along.



From a work in progress

A bit of a Friday flirt… unedited excerpt from my WIP from Grant’s POV:

I look down at her lips for a moment, flicking my eyes back to hers just as she sucks in a breath. I smell the ginger from her favorite drink as she exhales. God, I want to pull her into my lap and kiss her, touch her, reacquaint myself with every inch of her body. Since we are in a well-lit parking lot, however, I settle for just leaning a bit closer. I tease her, almost kissing her, almost touching, almost tasting. She makes a frustrated sound and grabs the back of my neck, pulling me closer so our lips finally meet. I allow a feather light touch, pulling away as she drags me back. I let her catch my lips briefly, just a moment at a time. Her tongue touches my lips and I lose the will to continue teasing her. I sink into her, tasting the ginger and sweetness from the fruit she ate. I press closer, addicted to her taste, drowning in her sweetness. #whiskeyandwildfire