Whiskey and Wildfire

Whiskey and Wildfire series

The Whiskey and Wildfire series begins with Kathleen Shannon’s journey from a shadow of her true self to a confident woman embracing new opportunities, new friends, and a new love. The first book, Whiskey and Wildfire, tells this story and introduces us to the new circle of friends that she and Grant Crawford share. As you might imagine, several of these friends will have stories of their own in this series as well!

Each book in this series will stand on its own, but you will probably enjoy them more if you read them in order. Because they are connected, they may contain spoilers for earlier books in the series.

Disclaimer: you will not find simpering women who simply MUST find a man to complete them so they can be whole. The characters are flawed but strong, and the love I write about is real love as I know it. A partnership of equals. A supportive relationship stronger than the sum of its parts. Shelter in a storm. Rare and precious.


Whiskey and Wildfire (Whiskey and Wildfire series, book 1)


Kat Shannon loves her big, boisterous, well-meaning family . . . not so much their lack of boundaries. Or their stifling insistence that she settle down in small-town Glasgow, Kentucky to start a family of her own. When she finds herself “accidentally” engaged to her lifelong best friend, Kat knows she has to make a change—before she completely loses herself inside her family’s idea of happily-ever-after.

A new job in Nashville offers Kat a fresh start and a shot at her dreams—a fulfilling career and independence. Definitely not a man.

Enter local gym owner, Grant Crawford. Their first meeting sets off sparks she can’t deny, no matter how hard she tries. Though Grant senses her hesitance about relationships, he is unwilling to lose her completely. So, he offers what Kat can accept—friendship, and the support she longs for as she learns to stand on her own.

But like a fine whiskey, one intoxicating taste leaves Kat and Grant craving more, and their smoldering attraction erupts like wildfire. Can Grant convince Kat that standing on her own doesn’t mean standing alone?.

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Vodka and Vertigo  (Whiskey and Wildfire series, book 2)

reveal-soonVERTIGO [vur-ti-goh] noun: a dizzying sensation of tilting within stable surroundings or that your surroundings are tilting or spinning; a loss of balance or unsteadiness

Heartbreak. Tragedy. Disappointment. Nurse practitioner Grace Olsen is intimately familiar with them all. Refusing to let life’s struggles break her, she simply blinks away the tears, rolls up her sleeves, and does what has to be done. All on her own. Too many people depend on her to allow anything less.

Intelligent. Witty. A drool-worthy body. Detective Nate Thomas is the perfect package, practically raised in a Norman Rockwell painting. He works hard, but honestly? He’s never had to work hard for anything. Effortlessly excelling at everything he does, he has led a charmed life.

The unlikely pair form a fast friendship in high school, but drift apart after Nate’s graduation. Years later, their paths cross again. Friendship leads to flirting . . . and benefits. No-strings fun for him, no loss of control for her.

Grace knows how to make a structured, orderly life for herself and her loved ones. Maybe a little too structured. Stifling. Nate knows how to enjoy life . . . until his life is turned upside down, leaving him struggling to regain his balance. Grace tries to help him, and the fallout rocks them both. When they can no longer keep things casual, are they still willing to work together to stabilize their worlds?

Bourbon and the Backstretch  (Whiskey and Wildfire series, novella 3)

REVEAL SOONAvailable first in the Fractured Fairy Tales #SaSS20 anthology, coming spring 2020! Only available digitally in this anthology at first, but the individual paperbacks also will be available (with the anthology branding). More publishing details to come!

Bourbon and the Backstretch is a tale of love after loss inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. Remember when Grant (in Whiskey and Wildfire) called his widowed father Clint, and a mystery woman answered the phone? This is their story!

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